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Fire Hose testing Season is here. Is your company ready for the challenge's that are ahead. Do you comply with the new NFPA 1962 version 1998 edition. Below is our tester and NFPA regulations concerning fire hose testing. Review this insert. It is timely and NEW.

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#58589 Triple Hose Tester

  • 0-1000 PSI Piston Pump
  • 0-1500 PSI liquid filled gauge
  • 120 volt wash down - totally enclosed electric motor
  • Tests 1,2 or 3 fire hoses at one time
  • Ground Fault plug
  • Internal bypass system
  • Casters included
  • Designed to meet NFPA service of fire hose

NFPA 1962 Standard for Service Testing of Fire Hose

5-5.1 Hose Testing Machine Integrity. The condition of the hose testing machine shall be thoroughly checked before commencing the service tests. This check shall be performed daily before each testing session and before using the hose testing machine each time it is transported to a new testing site.

5-5-1.1 The hose testing machine shall be carefully examined for damaged components that might fail during the test. If any damage is discovered, the hose testing machine shall not be used until the damaged component(s) is repaired or replaced.

5-5-1.2 A pressure leak integrity test shall be performed on the machine to determine whether the pressurized outlet side of the machine and its related components are leak free. The fire hose outlet connections(s) of the machine shall be capped or otherwise closed. Pressure shall be applied through the machine using the integral pump to a level that is 10% higher than the highest service test pressure needed for the hose to be tested. The pressure shall be held for 3 minutes with the pump turned off. If leaks are detected, the testing machine shall not be used until the leaking components(s) is repaired or replaced

5-5-1.3 The test gauge that is used to read the test pressure shall have been calibrated within the previous year.

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